Politcal Songs

This creation brings together Lo Còr de la Plana and Auprès de ma blonde around social and political songs. It is inspired from texts by provençal songwriters and unionists, but also from other occitan and catalan authors.

Whether they approach refusal of progress or confidence in the future, whether they describe situations of social poverty or glorify a warlike patriotism, these songs all have in common the desire and need to tell History and to subject it to an understanding of the world which is the one of the people. There jostles a crowd of colorful characters, women act in the forefront, and the tumult of the revolutions mixes with the solitude of men facing the most heartbreaking choices.

This show is conceived to be associated with an amateur choir and an amateur brass band.

The conducting of workshops for amateur choirs or brass bands is prepared with 3 eight-hour sessions, every three weeks.

The singing workshop is conducted by Manu Théron and the brass workshop by Daniel Malavergne.


Aupres de ma blonde

Another way to “see” music
During music-and-theatre strolling throughout the city, its public gardens, its market-places…, this group of four musicians associates, with know-how and mischievousness, “Folk” music and improvisation.
The originality of the orchestration, the sensitivity of its musicians, coming from various horizons, their capacity to feel the moods and their improvising gifts, are as many trumps where professionalism gives a good deal to good mood and fun…